About Bears

"Bears in particular are highly misunderstood animals. All bears are potentially dangerous but, if treated with respect and given a wide berth, can be very placid animals to be around. They are highly intelligent, often showing a softer side to their nature, especially among family groups.

Grizzly Bears can be quite playful and even comical, both on an individual level and when interacting with other bears. This is the side of Grizzly Bears that I choose to portray in my photography."

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As a professional photographer and lifelong resident of Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada Jamie Scarrow combines his love of bears and nature with technical skill and rare photography opportunities to produce outstanding, compassionate and respectful images. Jamie's work has been published in National Geographic, Nature Conservancy and other notable magazines.

Jamie learned all about bears long before he took his first photograph. He picked up a camera after two years of guiding Grizzly Bear viewing tours at Knight Inlet Lodge on British Columbia's West Coast and, some say, he hasn't put it down since.

A wildlife photographer was born and a decade later he can still be found in Knight Inlet working and photographing Grizzly Bears, Orca (killer) Whales, Bald Eagles and other BC west coast wildlife.

Polar Bears to Penguins (and don't forget the lions!)

In recent years he has lead groups of other professional photographers to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to view and photograph the magnificent (and now endangered) Polar Bears along with other arctic wildlife. Then there was the six-week safari to Africa (different predators but just as dangerous) followed by the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, working in Antarctica.

Jamie has worked in the Antarctic for two seasons now with Quark Expeditions.  Onboard chartered russian ships these expeditions cross the ice filled seas of the southern ocean to explore such remote locations as South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula.  The scenery is stunning and the wildlife abundant.

"Many whale, seal and bird species, including penguins, seem to be intrigued by our presence, making them excellent subjects for photography. The scenery is very special, very pristine and is the definition of dramatic. Antarctica has inspired me to become a scenic photographer."

Grizzly Bear Photography Still a Pleasure!

Every season photographer Jamie Scarrow continues to photograph his first love, the majestic Grizzlies of Knight Inlet. The only difference from when he first started is that now he can personally relate their precarious position to other species worldwide that face the same survival challenges.

In addition to the beauty that a Jamie Scarrow photograph brings to a room it is his fervent desire that his wildlife photography will also inspire ordinary people to help protect the natural world and the animals that inhabit it. Through photography, Jamie attempts to express the beauty and importance of some of the world's most fragile ecosystems and most vulnerable animals.

As a famous Canadian once said, we're all in this together!

Commercial Photography

In addition to being an advocate for nature Jamie is also a stock photographer with a growing portfolio of stock photos. He is always interested in ways to utilize his extensive collection of stock images of animals, birds, sea life and scenery from Canada and around the world.

Please contact Jamie if you would like more information on purchasing stock photography directly from the photographer. His striking images are ideal for use in Internet or print marketing applications (websites, brochures, magazines, books, calendars etc.). Digital transfer or shipped worldwide.


  • Canadian Geographic Magazine, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Issues 2008-2010
  • National Geographic Adventure Magazine, May 2006
  • Nature Conservancy Magazine, August 2007
  • Western Canada Wilderness Committee 2007 Calender